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Make your music sound the best it can be with our complete bundle series. From the very basics of traditional orchestration to the advanced techniques of synthestration and cutting edge mixing and mastering, you will be soon producing professional sounding orchestral and hybrid mockups.

Create a secondary revenue stream by discovering the benefits of Library Music and explore the techniques composers use to create consistently effective cues.

From the very basics of orchestration, to fully produced cinematic orchestral mockups

Everything you need to know to get started producing high quality MIDI mockups, completely from scratch.

Learn the basics of each orchestral family and how to write for strings, woodwinds, brass and percussion. Discover how to prepare solid orchestral arrangements.

Then, learn how to transform that orchestral arrangement in to a fully produced professional sounding orchestral MIDI mockup. Learn advanced synthestration techniques, and how to mix and master orchestral music.

Consistently produce mixes that sound clear, powerful, and professional by following a mixing system using stock plugins. Spend less time fighting with your DAW and more time focusing on the music.

Learn to set up your perfect orchestral template, that will make you stay in the creative flow and prevent mistakes from ruining your workflow and inspiration, by avoiding the common pitfalls that most people fall into when producing orchestral music.

Develop your skills as an orchestrator and make your orchestral mockups sound like the pros.

Learn how to navigate the complex and exciting world of Library Music and create a passive source of income as your cues take on various lives.

Discover what makes Library Music so successful by analysing the most popular genres of music and the most common compositional devices employed by composers to make their music as effective as possible.

Learn the different types of licencing deals and how to optimise your workflow so you remain inspired and productive and maintain the highest quality of output.

Orchestration 1: from Sketch to Orchestra

This course will give you the tools for you to become an expert at the fundamentals of orchestration.

You’ll discover the importance of a good arrangement to attain balance, the go-to voicings and arranging techniques to use for each section, and the technique of doubling and combining instruments and section. You’ll understand how that can sometimes increase the weight of a musical idea or other times will create a new timbre. Most importantly, you’ll learn what instruments NOT to put together depending on what purpose you’re after.

You’ll learn the three basic elements for creating separation so that your music sounds clear. If you are orchestration your orchestral mockup, and using sample libraries to produce your orchestral music, using this three basic elements is going to be of major help for gaining clarity and separation and it going to be the mixing part much easier.

Symphonic Virtual Orchestration

Make your orchestra mockups sound like the pros. Your strategic step-by-step action plan to help you ComposeArrangeMix, and Master your orchestral music and produce professional-sounding midi mockups.

You’ll become an expert at the fundamentals of synthestration, and will learn how to make your mockups sound outstanding. You'll discover the power of effective templates. You’ll learn about big vs. modular templates and will build your own template, which will almost guarantee you the best results right from the start.

You’ll discover the mixing secrets that apply to orchestral music. These include secrets I’ve learned personally from top mixing engineers that I’ve had the privilege of meeting after years working in the industry. Now I’ll be sharing them with you, so you don’t have to spend hundreds of frustrating hours reading mixing books, visiting forums, or buying tutorials, and then trying to decide which techniques actually work with orchestral music.

Library Music: Create Passive Income Streams

Extend the life of your music by learning how to create effective, engaging and dynamic Library Music while also discovering the need-to-knows about the business itself.

Discover the secondary revenue streams that can generated through Library Music. You will be confidently pitching and creating deals that work for you.

Explore the different types of licensing deals and develop a strategy and workflow that optimises your productivity and maintains a consistent level of quality in your output.

Find out what makes a piece so effective by analysing the common compositional elements across the most popular genres of Library Music. Take your music to the the finish line by exploring the harmonic, melodic and orchestration traits of the most frequently requested styles and learn how to create the most efficient structure so that your music can be as licensable as possible.

With the Symphonic Virtual Orchestration course you'll learn the synthestration, mixing and mastering techniques that you need to know to produce professional sounding orchestral mockups.

The second course, Orchestration, will give you in-depth knowledge about how to arrange for orchestra (how to voice the strings, brass, woodwinds, to sound like Hollywood and get that modern trailer and video games music sound, how to balance the different sections, etc).

Finally, the Library Music course will teach you how to make your music work for you. How to license your tracks so they sell and create passive income streams. How to write effectively in some specific library music styles (action, emotional, trailer, etc) so your music sells better. Finally, you'll learn how to contact production companies and library music publishers to get your music attached to a movie or a trailer.



Courses Included with the Purchase

Orch. 1

Traditional orchestration, from beginner to pro. Learn to write for strings, woodwinds, brass and percussion and discover and how to prepare solid orchestral arrangements.



Get your orchestral midi mockups sounding like the pros. Arrange, mix and master orchestral music using sample libraries and plugins. Advanced sychestration techniques for producing professional sounding orchestral and hybrid mockups.



Confidently navigate your way through the business of Library Music and Licensing.Learn how to effectively structure a library track in order to make it as licensable as possible and manage your portfolio of pieces.



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