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Cinematic Composing
From the very basics of traditional orchestration to advanced techniques of synthestration, mixing and mastering for producing professional sounding orchestral and hybrid mockups.
Orchestral Mockup Production Bundle
Cinematic Composing
The Online Music School for Film Composers
Build your skills as a composer for films, games and TV. Learn composing, orchestration and mockup production. Become an expert at mixing and mastering orchestral and modern hybrid cinematic music.
From the 13th to the 31st of October
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Join an active community of composers learning together at Cinematic Composing
Learn from working real-world professionals right at the top of their game and also from composers that are starting out and making a living as film composers. Get both, the experience from the masters, and the knowledge about today's industry from professionally working film composers.
Cinematic Composing Courses
Learn how to produce professional sounding orchestral mockups. Discover the power of effective templates and the difference between big and modular templates. Find out about the mixings secrets for orchestral music that will make your music to sound clear and punchy. Finally, get a chance to sit down with Bobby Fernandez, live, for an orchestral mixing masterclass.
From $775
Become an expert at the fundamentals of orchestration. Get to know every orchestral instrument Discover the importance of a good arrangement to attain balance, and how approach doubling and combining instruments. Discover the three basic elements for creating separation so that your music sounds clear and organized. 
From $975 
Confidently navigate your way through the business of Library Music and Licensing.
Learn how to effectively structure a library track in order to make it as licensable as possible and manage your portfolio of pieces.

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From the basics of traditional orchestration to advanced synthestration techniques, mixing and mastering for producing professional sounding orchestral and hybrid mockups.

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This Bundle includes - "Orchestration 1: from Sketch to Orchestra", "Symphonic Virtual Orchestration" and "Library Music: Create Passive Income Streams".
Everything you need to know to create professional sound orchestral mockups and to make money selling your music.

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What you'll find in Cinematic Composing
Updated materials
Get updated information. In the courses, we discuss the lastest sample libraries, these days orchestration and composing techniques, the right structure for library music that is trending and sells at the moment.
Actively working professionals
Your teachers, who prepared the course’s materials and will be giving feedback for your assignments, are working composers active either in the film composing industry LA or in the scoring recording industry in UK.
Support and follow up
We’re giving you full support along the way. You’ll have your assignment’s reviewed and your instructor will be there for advice about the course’s and mentoring about your career.
Approach bigger projects
We've done the heavy lifting of putting together the best materials and professionals so you can focus on what matters - improving your skills and attaining the tools that you need to confidently approach your projects.
“I am so impressed! The course materials, the interactive video chat, the assignments, and the customer service is WAY more than I thought this experience was going to be.”
Thomas Rhea, VI Control user: Maestro1972
Upcoming Courses
Orchestration 2: Advanced Orchestral Textures
Learn how to orchestrate complex musical passages. Discover advanced orchestration techniques for achieving balance and clarity for more demanding situations, when there are multiple musical ideas going on. Also, learn common Hollywood orchestration techniques and achieve a cinematic sound.
Composition 1: write your first cinematic track
Learn the basic composing concepts behind any style of music. Understand how to use harmony and how to build a melody. Study form and structure and how changing tonality or using a different mode can affect the style of your piece. Finally, learn four film music cliches: love, thriller, adventure, grandness.
Study the musical elements (harmony, melody, rhythm and orchestration) that make a good library music track that sells and the different library music styles. Also learn about licensing, distributing and royalties. How to protect your music and monetize your work, creating passive revenue that lasts for years.
Join a community of film and video game composers
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