Keeping It Simple

Keeping It Simple

Writing stock music is all about keeping the music simple. Potential customers are looking for music which they can easily integrate into their video projects, with minimal editing or tweaking. For this reason, the majority of the most successful pieces on stock sites such as Audio Jungle or Pond5, all make use of some core musical characteristics which we will explore over the next few topics. 

Time Signatures

The vast majority of stock music is written in 4/4 time (four beats in each bar). At the time of writing, all but 1 of the 55 weekly top sellers on Audio Jungle were written in 4/4. 

See below for an example of an Audio Jungle weekly best seller in the Corporate/Motivational Genre:

Key Signatures

All of the most successful stock tracks also stay in the same key for the duration of the song. It doesn’t necessarily matter which key you write in and depending on the genre, it can be either major or minor in tonality. .Just make sure you do not include any complicated key changes or modulations half way through the piece. The reason for this is video editors will often edit your track to match the length of their project. If you have different parts of the track with different keys, it can make it a lot harder to mix and match sections of your track. 

See below for an example of an Audio Jungle weekly best seller in the Action/Epic Genre: