'Silly Time' Tempo, Rhythm and Instrumentation

Tempo and Rhythm

'Silly Time' is an energetic track with comedic characteristics.  The track is in 4/4 with a tempo of 160 bpm. Eighth notes are used throughout for the melody and accompaniment to help add to the energetic nature of the piece. 


 ‘Silly Time’ makes use of the orchestra - pizzicato strings, woodwinds, brass and a variety of percussion is used. The melody is often played by the marimba and piano, with the woodwinds and brass helping to flesh out the accompaniment.  The various percussion instruments are used to help add additional orchestration colours with instruments such as triangle, vibraslap, snare drum, guiro and shakers helping to add to the playful feel. 

Sample Libraries/Patches

Piano -  ‘The Giant’ by Native Instruments.

Pizzicato Strings - ‘Loegria’ (Albion 2) by Spitfire Audio

Short Strings - 'Mural' by Spitfire Audio   

Woodwinds - 'Albion 1', by Spitfire Audio  and 'Berlin Woodwinds' by Orchestral Tools 

Brass - ‘Berlin Brass’ by Orchestral Tools and 'Symphobia' by Project Sam

Marimba - ‘Spitfire Percussion’  by Spitfire Audio

Percussion  'True Strike' by Project Sam (snare drum patch) and 'Spitfire Percussion'