Funnel Description

Making money with Library Music (ie. selling your music through Audio Jungle, Pond 5, etc) is getting harder (ie. Audio Jungle has reached 1.000 songs in their catalog... how are you gonna get someone to even find your track?)

The problem is that it's a really long funnel

  1. Music revision (approved or not) - 50% chance
  2. The algorithm (there's a small chance that the search engine shows your track when a client searches music in such a big catalog) - 1% chance
  3. Client browsing: if your track does show up on the first page, there's a ton of other tracks (competition). The client will select one track from the list. - 2% chance
  4. Profit share: if they select your track, you don't get the full amount, you get a percentage. - 50% of the profit best-case scenario

This is less than a 0.01% chance that they find your track. And if they do, you don't keep 100% of the profit.

You Don't Have Control

So, it's a small chance. The odds are very low and never in your favor. 

Plus you don't have control. You don't have control of your track approval or not. Don't have control if the algorithm is going to show your track. Don't have control over the client's decision. Don't have control over how much you keep. 

The Alternative

I've been looking for an alternative for some time.

I've been testing the same strategies that I use to sell online courses, to sell my music. It shortens the funnel and gives me more control. Just two steps:

  1. You'll put your music in front of the potential client that would need music like the one you have to offer.
  2. They either buy or not.

You have control over who sees your music. You have control over how much you charge. You keep every dollar that you make.

There's no competition because you're sending traffic (potential clients to your funnel. They just see your music. No one else's. There's no algorithm suggesting similar music from your competitors. 

Also, you're not dealing with someone else's algorithm or interests to distribute your music. 

The catch?

You have to drive traffic and you need to build a funnel. But I'll give you the funnel so you don't have to build it yourself. And I'll show you how to drive traffic to it. 

This is the first time that I'm sharing this strategy. I've never shared this with anyone. I'll share this with you tomorrow.

It will take me about 4-5 hours to explain all this, so I'll split it into two classes.

Structure of this Class

Class #1

  • Strategy: The concept. How are we gonna do this?
  • Copy: once someone lands in our funnel, what should we tell them to convince them to buy our music?

Class #2

  • Funnel building: creating the website
  • Traffic: finding the right targeted audience that would be interested in our music. 

The Goal

$300-500 per month selling your music.