Where are my assignments? 

If your course includes assignments (or if you purchased assignments separately), you'll usually find your assignments at the end of each module. You'll find a topic labeled as "Assignment". 

How to upload my assignments?

  • If the assignment is text-based you'll find a text editor where you can input your assignment.
  • If you have to submit an audio file, you can upload directly 
  • If you’re uploading audio, please upload in MP3 using the Choose File button. 
  • If you’re uploading video, upload it to your YouTube or Vimeo or Dropbox and then post the link.

How do I receive feedback for those assignments? 

Once you post your assignment your teacher will review and grade your assignment.

The revision consists of a video where you can see your teacher giving you feedback about your assignment.

We’ve been experimenting with different options when it comes to giving feedback and the video is the one where we can go more in detail about specifics regarding your assignment. The video gives the teacher a chance to share more content with you, as well as sharing screen if needed or giving examples of how they’d approach some of the problems you may have found.

Some times, the video may just be the teacher speaking to camera. Other times it may be more elaborate with them sharing the screen and showing their sequencer, score editor, etc

If you prefer the teacher to give you “text” feedback instead of video, let them know in advance. Please, note that the amount of feedback that you get may be slightly reduced just because the video offers so many more options.

You should hear from your teacher within a week.

Please, allow a few days for your teacher to review your assignment.

If you haven't got assignment revisions and you want to unlock them, you can unlock them here.

Can I see other students' assignment revisions?

If they have posted their assignments IN the course, then the teacher's revision is available for any other student to see. This way you can learn not just from your revision, but also from the feedback given to other students.

I encourage you to go to each assignment and check out the revisions.

If there’s a button (Send and review assignments) in the “Assignment” topic at the end of each module, what is the point of having the Assignments section on the left menu of your dashboard?

The goal of this section is to gather all your assignments in one spot.

Once you submit one or many assignment/s you could go find each one of them at the end of each specific module. That’s fine.

Alternatively, if you want to save some time, you can find them all listed here.

Also, this section combines all the assignments from all courses that you’ve done over time. 

If in the future you’d like to review again any of the feedback you reacher gave you on one specific assignment this section should be the place where you’ll find it easier.