For this assignment, you’ll be putting together the concepts that we learned over the past two weeks.

By this week, you should’ve finished the first two parts.

A) Percussion bed and staccato samples: Incorporate a percussion bed to the track. Also, include staccato strings and some well synthestrated brass hits. You may wanna add some low brass chords and some horn motives. Feel free to fully orchestrate this section.

B) Dramatic long strings: use a string long notes ensemble patch and layer the Vl I, Cellos, and Basses. Just strings in this section. Make sure that this section fits the style of section A.

Now, it’s time for the last two parts of the piece.

C) Choirs section: make sure that the choirs blend well with the orchestra… that it feels part of the same arrangement. You don’t necessarily have to go with long slow choirs, like the example in the video. You can go with staccato. phrases, etc. but make sure that you’ve got some other family or section going with the choir, so that “connects” them to the orchestra.

D) Fast strings section: that’s a bit of a tough one, but if you do it well it’s gonna sound awesome and can bring a lot of excitement to your piece. You can use any of the three techniques described in the video. The fast strings figure can be the main element or it can be something in the background, but make sure that they’ve got some presence and weight in the mix and they bring energy and momentum to the cue.

Feel free to change the order of the sections if you feel you need to.

Upload the track when you finish.

Send and review the assigments