Start mixing the track you composed the first or third week if you are taking the Symphonic Virtual Orchestration course. If you are taking one of the Mixing Mini-Courses, you can choose to mix one of your tracks.

Export the stems. If you’ve got the buses set up, it should be easy. If not, you can export the stems one by one.

Add an Analog Saturation plugin, or use the built-in in your sequencer, to every track.

Make sure that you’re using different reverbs (or reverb settings) for those stems where you’re inserting one.

Slightly compress the percussion parts.

Write some extra volume automation to some tracks.

When done, upload the track for review.

Don't worry if you still have doubts when you are mixing. We will fine tune this track in the next module. We will see how to mix instrument by instrument, section by section. After receiving this week's feedback from your teacher (if you are enrolled to the SVO course), in the next module's assignment you'll have a chance to finish mixing this track.

Send and review the assigments