Sky Ferry - Rhythm

  • Tempo is andante - 84 BPM
  • Meter is in 4/4
  • Ostinato figures in 1/16 notes

An interesting feature of this cue is that it underscores a flying machine and therefore can rightfully be labeled as ‘flying’ music. A big part of the flying sensation come from a quite busy ostinato.


1- A Flying Engine Ostinato

We find three patterns layered in this ostinato. They are of different lengths and of different gestures, mirroring the mechanics of an engine.

Note how the bottom layer is asymmetric (3+5). When looked at more carefully we can observe how the composer kept changing where this asymmetry occurs, creating an actual 4 bars pattern.

2- The Gestures Adapt To The Mechanics of the Flight


For each stage of the flight, the engine is in a different gear, which the composer decided to illustrate.

Section #1:  The Zeppelin is on the ground, waiting for departure

  • Only two layers 
  • Top layer is muted (not playing) - suggesting the pistons are at rest
  • Mid-layer stays in mid/sub-range - strings/sub-bass
  • Bottom layer stays on a single note/one beat pattern

Section #2:  High flight - cruising mode

  • All three layers are playing
  • Top layer is playing - suggesting the pistons are engaged full throttle
  • Mid-layer adds the Woodwinds in the high register

Section #3:  Close up - we’re in the city about to land - approach mode

  • All three layers are playing
  • Top layer is smoother - shifting to a 2 bars pattern

  • Mid-layer drops the strings, playing only the woodwinds/Sub-bass
  • Bottom layer shifts to a symmetric four beat pattern