In this week’s assignment we’ll be using the concepts learned this week.

Compose a 1-2 minutes cue. You have two weeks to complete this assignment.

The track will have four sections.

A) Percussion bed and staccato samples: Incorporate a percussion bed to the track. Also, include staccato strings and some well synthestrated brass hits. You may wanna add some low brass chords and some horn motives. Feel free to fully orchestrate this section.

B) Dramatic long strings: use a string long notes ensemble patch and layer the Vl I, Cellos, and Basses. Just strings in this section. Make sure that this section fits the style of section A

C) Choirs section: next week

D) Fast strings section: next week

You don’t need to upload the track this week. Upload the track by the end of next week. You need to go over next week’s materials in order for you finish the cue.

Even though you’ve got two weeks for uploading the assignment, this is a tough cue and it may take some time. I encourage you to get started this week. That will reduce your workload for the next one.

Send and review the assigments