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Grow as a Cinematic Composer

Cinematic Composing Membership gives you access to more than 500 hours of content.

The Cinematic Composing Courses are organized in comprehensive learning pathways so you can get all the resources and knowledge you need no matter where you are in your journey. Everything on a brand-new online learning platform.

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Boost All Your Composing Skills

Whether you’re passionate about Composing for Film and Game, Programming, Theory and Harmony, Orchestrating or Mixing and Mastering (or a little bit of everything), there’s a path in Cinematic Composing that will bring out the absolute best in you.

Cinematic Composing will take you on The path of the Professional Composers

Theory & Harmony
Template Creation
Optimizing your Workflow
Fantasy & Magic
Action High Intensity
Dramatic Sadness
Action Mid Intensity
Adventure Hero
The 5 Layers System
Slow Drama
Adventure Villain
Romantic Comedy
Dark Comedy
Orchestral Trailer
Root Motion
Modal Interchange

And many more skills that will elevate your compositions.

Cinematic Composing Programs

Growth instead of Goals. Enjoy the process.

Whether you are starting out or wanting to achieve excellence, the Membership offers lessons in different paths and levels. Step by step, at your own pace.

Learn from The Most Passionate Teachers

Experts in Film and Game Composition and Production expertly chosen for their ability to connect with their students and bring real value to every interaction.

8,816 Students have been part of our community.

Thanks to their feedback we created a system for continuously updating and improving our courses in order to fulfill their needs and to accomplish the industry standards

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How It Works

Just choose a Learning Path That you’re passionate about and start your journey, enjoy the full Cinematic Composing Membership experience.

You’ll find the courses, Masterclasses and our friendly Cinematic Composing A.I. Search Bot will help you to fulfill your needs.

What you'll learn

No Matter What Branch of Music You’re Passionate About, There is an Absolute Wealth of Knowledge in The Courses You’ll Have Access To.

  1. If your desire is to compose an amazing adventure-hero track then choose the Composition path. If your desire is to write a realistic mockup with a full orchestral sound with your computer then choose the Programming Path.

  2. If your desire is to score an emotional cue for a real orchestra, then choose the Orchestration Path. If your desire is to mix a cue to give it clarity, width and separation, then choose the Mixing Path.

  3. If your desire is to use more complex and interesting harmonic shapes in your composition, then, choose the Theory and Harmony Path

Individually, each course has an enrollment fee of $197 USD to $975 USD. With Cinematic Composing Membership everything is unlocked for you for less than $2 USD/day.

Stories from Cinematic Composing Students

Get Access To All The Membership Courses

Get Your Skills To The Next Level

Essential Composing Foundation
Essential Mixing Foundation
Film Music Cliches
I'm a composer
Mastering Orchestral Music
Mixing Orchestral Music
Modern Harmony
Theory and Harmony
Orchestration 1: Instrumentation & Orchestration
Orchestral Programming: Synthestration 1
Template Creation

Total Value of All Courses:


New courses, masterclasses, live sessions are added frequently and expands the catalog.

Now Included in CC Membership

We have updated our platform to be constantly upgraded. Take a look to the new features.
1. New Constant Growth Format

One of the most exciting things about our new learning platform is that it is constantly evolving and growing to meet the needs and expectations of our students. You will get access to all new Membership content as it becomes available.

2. Masterclasses with Industry Pros

To give you insight into how the ‘big guys’ do it and Weekly Chats to help you through your struggles.

3. Find what you need Fast

With our very clever “Cinematic Composing A.I. Search Bot” that helps you find exactly what you’re looking for from thousands of hours of content.

What is next?

Cinematic Composing Programs

Yearly CC Summits Online

An inaugural international online summit in 2022 for all subscribers which is shaping up to be a truly amazing event.

Stay tuned to some really innovative and cool ideas that we’re currently working on!

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Frequently Asked Questions

First of all, you’re saving a lot of money. You are getting unlimited access to ALL membership courses (including Legacy courses that are not being sold anymore). You’re saving up to $12,000 off the original enrollment fees.

The Learning Model is highly improved. With easier to consume lessons, AI, community support, networking, search engine, and many more improvements to make it easier for you to grow.

Also, you’ll have access to different live classes, masterclasses, and live events that are only available for Cinematic Composing Membership students only.

Plus, you’re joining a community of the most passionate and committed Cinematic Composing students, who will uplift and support you through each course you take.

Once you are logged in on our platform, you will find all the different learning paths and the courses that are inside of each one.

  1. 1. Select the path
  2. 2. Click on the course
  3. 3. Begin your learning experience!

Cinematic Composing Membership is backed up with our “CC Easy Self-Refund” system

You get a 7-day money back guarantee on your first membership fee whether annual or monthly. If in this time you decide it’s not for you, get your easy refund at

Upon refunding, you will lose access to all Membership Courses acquired through your Membership (but you will still have access to any courses previously purchased, since you invested in them separately).

For cancellation:

If you decide not to renew your membership for another month/year, you can cancel it on the Billing Section of your account. You won’t be charged for this any further but you will still keep the access to the membership content until your next renewal date.

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide this membership model with installments at the moment. However, we provide you with a 7-day money-back guarantee with a single click.

Not at this very moment BUT we are working as we speak to have it included in the membership as soon as possible. It will be included at no extra cost for you.

No, unfortunately at the moment there are no Assignment Revisions available on the membership. However, we usually host Hot Seats where the teachers listen the student’s tracks and review them. You’ll have the chance to submit your music and have direct feedback from one of the teachers. Those sessions are live and you can interact with the teacher.

We use Cubase. But, all the concepts that you'll learn apply across the board, no matter what sequencer you use. In fact, more than 1/2 of our students are Logic users.

The same concept about libraries. You can learn and apply all the concepts taught in the course using any basic library (Logic stock orchestral samples, EWQL, etc). Once you're in the course, you'll have a better idea of what is the next library that you wanna buy. Plus, you'll be around a great community of composers who already own those libraries and can give you valuable feedback or advice on what library to invest in next.

Also, when you join the Cinematic Composing Membership you'll get access to a private Facebook group. The Facebook group is a great place to ask questions if you get stuck. That’s where you’re really going to get a lot of extra help and encouragement when you’re stuck or when you're trying to apply the concepts learned in the course to your own DAW, both from Marc, other teachers, and from other composers as well who can speak to your exact issues.

Yes. The contents of ours courses are only in English at the moment. But we’re planning on including subtitles soon.

The Best Academical Discounts

Did we mention that all our members are eligible for student discounts for libraries, plugins, and gear? This perk alone  saves you hundreds of dollars composing software & libraries!

And many more...

Stories from Cinematic Composing Students

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What You Get in your Membership
  • Unlimited access to all the courses in Cinematic Composing Membership
  • Access to new lesson content.
  • Access to all the Masterclasses with Industry Professionals Invitations to our regular Q and A sessions
  • Access to our regular Chat Sessions on all facets of composing
  • Amazing discounts on a big selection of Top Shelf Sample Libraries *

* Many of our students save more than the cost of their annual membership just with the savings they get on the discount libraries

All this for less than than $2 USD/day with the yearly membership.


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