'Emotional' Structure and Harmony


The structure for 'Emotional' is as follows:

Intro (8 Bars)
'A' Section (8 Bars)
'B' Section (8 Bars)
Bridge (4 Bars)
'B' Section (8 Bars) 
Outro (9 Bars)


 'Emotional' relies heavily on triad based diatonic chord progressions, based around the key of E Major.  Most chords are in root position however there are occasionally some first inversion chords, to add variation to the chord voicings. There is also a sprinkling of added 9ths. 


We begin by establishing the key of E Major with the chord progression of E, E/G#, A, B , with each chord lasting a bar.  This is then repeated,  the second time with the chord of C#minor replacing the first inversion E/G# chord. 

A Section 

This 8 bar section again features 2 chord progressions of 4 bars each. Beginning with an E major chord, this is followed by the chords of C#minor, A  and B major.  The second half of this section repeats but with a twist - again we begin with E major, then an E major chord in 1st inversion, followed by an Aadd9 chord. Finally leading into the B section we hear E major for 2 beats before changing to the dominant B major chord. 

B Section 

The B section offers harmonic variation by shifting to the relative minor key (C# minor). Whereas up until now we have started each new musical phrase with an E major chord, this time we have the chords of C#minor, A , E and B major, followed by C#minor, A, E and finally a B Major with first inversion voicing, much like the end of the A section.