In this exercise, you will have to use the melody and chords that provided to you on the first system (of the following pdf file) to complete a two parts exercise:

Bars 1-4: use the melody in the Violin I, and complete the rest of the instruments with a homophonic accompaniment using the provided chords.

Bars 5-8: use the same melody in the string section you prefer and complete the rest with a spread out accompaniment using the provided chords. We recommend using a medium intensity accompaniment for this last part of the exercise, meaning not faster than 8th notes for the mid-high strings, and no faster than half or 4th notes (if need to) for the low strings.

Violins I
Violins II


Note: please, include an audio file (mp3) of the exercise. It doesn't have to be a great sounding mockup, just a quick export from your notation software.

Send and review the assigments