In this lesson, we are going to learn the basics of how to orchestrate for the string section. We will explain first how the harmonic series affects the way we listen to music and, therefore, how we orchestrate. Then we will go straight to see what are the main functions of the string section, doublings, and combinations within and with other sections of the orchestra, and finally, we will learn about the basics of how to voice chords for this family.

At the end of the lesson you will have learned:

  • What is a partial, overtone, harmonic, and the harmonic series
  • How the harmonic series influences how we orchestrate
  • The functions of the string section
  • The combinations within this family
  • The string section doubling other sections
  • How to voice for the string section

If you're practicing the concepts that you're learning in this course using your sample libraries (virtual instruments), please not that we've included an Orchestral Mockup Production BONUS Module at the end of this course. You may wanna check out the "Difference – Samples & Real Orchestra" topic before you attempt to replicate the musical examples of this lesson with your libraries.