'Inspiring Cinematic Trailer' Structure and Harmony


The structure for 'Inspiring Cinematic Trailer' is as follows:

'A' Section (8 Bars)

'A2' Section (8 Bars)

Break  (1 Bar)

'B'  Section (8 Bars)

'B2' Section (8 Bars)

Break (1 Bar)

'A2' Section(8 Bars)

'A3' Section (8 Bars)

'B2' Section(8 Bars)

'B2' Section (8 Bars)

You can see that this piece doesn't make use of an intro or outro and that every section is 8 bars long. There are also two  'break' bars. These points enable the track to be easily edited to fit various videos etc.  


 'Inspiring Cinematic Trailer' again features an extremely simple chord progression which repeats for the duration of the track. In the key of A minor, the chords are Am, F, G and D. (Chord i, VI, VII and IV).  All chords are in root position.