'Sneaky Comedy' Melody


Despite the complex chord extensions, the melodic material for 'Sneaky Comedy' is relatively simple. The melody makes use of a Call and Response technique, interplaying between the Clarinet/Marimba and the Double Bass. During the 7/4 bars, the rhythm between the two is repeated every bar. This then changes during the two 4/4 bars present at the end of each section. 

The general shape of the melody also alternates between each bar, with the first bar featuring a descending pattern and the second bar featuring a rising pattern.  Just like the harmony, this is then transposed up a tone for the B section

During the C Section we see a variation on the original melody. Based in 4/4 this features a rhythm which is repeated every 2 bars. The last two bars feature the same melody from the previous A and B sections, to help add continuity between the various sections.