'Silly Time' Structure and Harmony


The structure for 'Silly Time' is as follows:

Intro (17 Bars)

'A' Section (24 Bars)

'B' Section (8 Bars)

'C' Section (8 Bars)

'D' Section (8 Bars)

'A2' Section(16 Bars)

Coda (17 Bars)

The structure isn't quite as simple as other library tracks, with more unique sections and a longer 'A' section. Most of the sections are an even length though, such as 8 and 16 bars long. 


The harmony differs from the usual characteristics of other library tracks. The track is in the key of G major and uses 3 primary chords - G major/minor (I) , C Major (IV) and D major (V). 

The rhythm of the chord progressions changes throughout the track, with some chords lasting up to 18 bars, with others lasting for 1/2 a bar:

There are some occasional 1st inversions  used, and also a number of 7th chords, creating harmonic variety within the track:

  The Mixolydian mode is also used in various places within the track:

(The mixolydian mode features a flattened 7th degree of the scale - so in the key of G major F# becomes F natural)