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A letter from Marc

From: Marc Jovani
Los Angeles, California

Congratulations! You’ve made it! 

You are part of that small 1%.

At the time that I’m writing this letter, we’ve enrolled over 3.400 students in Cinematic Composing. Most of you have multiple courses from us. Millions of people have visited our website. 

Less than 1% take action!

I’d like you to understand this: we’re not here to sell courses. 

We’re here in the business of finding people who have a dream and put the best possible infrastructure at their service to help them become who they wanna be

But before we can help, I need you to take one step forward. To decide. To take action. To say: “I can. I will. End of story”

And you did! You enrolled in this course. Thank you. Thank you for your commitment to your own career. Thank you for letting us help you with this, your journey. 

Now, let’s get down to business! ;) 

We launched this course in April 2020. The world is a different place than it used to be. 

It’s been a hit for everyone. Unfortunately though, for some industries, the hit has been more severe than for others. 

For us: musicians, composers, mixing engineers… Rules have changed.

I’m seeing this first hand!

And while things will never be the same, new opportunities arise as well, especially for the home studio composer. 

I’ve been teaching orchestration since 2010. I taught at Berklee online. 

I believe in live musicians. I believe in live orchestras. I believe in live music.

But unfortunately, putting 100 people in a room to record music is not going to happen again for a while. 

That doesn’t mean that live music is dead though! It doesn’t mean that we’re not going to need musicians. Musicians are essential. They are the reason why our ideas become sound! 

But the way we produce music is going to change forever. It has already changed! And the skills a composer needs are way different now.

You need to be a composer that believes in live music. In musicians. In orchestras. But at the same time, you need to be a composer who has the skill to efficiently write, compose & produce great sounding mockups efficiently in any style.

Yes, you need to know orchestration. But you also need to be able to synthestrate at the highest level. 

You need to be able to write music in different styles. But also need to be able to sit down in front of a sequencer and produce that music fast… and to make it sound professional!

These skills are already in great demand. 

Just to give you an idea. Many composers in Hollywood right now (at the time I’m writing this on April 28th) are looking for people with MIDI production skills to help them with their mockups or to flesh out their sketches. 

Obviously, I don’t want you to “just” be the “composer with great MIDI programming skills that helps another composer”... but I need you to understand the crazy amount of music that is going to be needed when we come out of this one and for years to come. 

And it’s the type of music that composers like you and I can produce in home studios… in the box!

Eventually (or maybe you already are), you’ll get to work on projects with a budget to record with (remote) musicians.

And when things are back to normal you’ll be ready for bigger projects with live orchestras! (if that’s the type of music you want to write).

What is this course about?

We’ve got many courses

  • Symphonic Virtual Orchestration - orchestral mockup production (producing orchestral music with sample libraries)
  • Orchestration: traditional orchestration… from sketch to orchestra
  • Library Music: creating passive income streams. How to sell your music.
  • Composition for Film: a Study of Styles - learn to compose in many different styles: love, sadness, suspense, action, adventure, fantasy, magic, comedy, etc
  • Mixing for the Home Studio Composer: mixing, from zero to hero
  • Hollywood Systems Secrets Masterclass - create a brand, find projects
  • Music Theory and Composition Master… this is a big package which includes all the courses, plus live classes with me a few times a week. It’s our biggest package. It teaches 21 styles. You learn a new style every day, live classes. Also, it includes 1-on-1 feedback and so much more.

Some of these courses are opened to the public. Most of them are just offered internally (to the Cinematic Composing community).

We created the first course (Symphonic Virtual Orchestration). Then, every other course that we’ve created has been based on what our community asked us to create. 

When Covid-19 started, we promised we’re going to put together a package to serve our community with the skills they need right now. 

And we created this course.

We’ve gone through so many versions before we launched it officially. We’ve tested it with a small group of our most veteran students ;)  

In the beginning... it was crap! :D It usually is the first couple of tries. We’ve been improving it in each iteration. And this is the version that we’re presenting to you. We’re very proud, BUT...

This is far from the final version. There are a couple of things that I need you to understand:

1) The goal with this course

The vision I have for this course is for it to be the ultimate online composition course. I wanted it to cover everything from the very basics of what gear and libraries to buy and how to use them, to advanced composition techniques, my full composing workflow, how to compose in different styles, and the steps I take to land clients.

My mentors told me to focus on just one thing. “Don’t try to teach everything!” they told me. 

In this case, I’m not following the rules! ;)

With that vision, we’ve tried to include everything that you need in one package. 

2) Giving back

I’ve been very fortunate.

I’ve been teaching online for a while. I have students that I met more than a decade ago. 

In 2016 I decided to start my own school. I didn’t even know it was going to become an online school back then. I actually just launched a course because my wife and I were struggling financially and we couldn’t pay the bills. 

What I didn’t expect would be to be part of this amazing community of composers called Cinematic Composing.

I’m grateful for your trust and to be part of this journey with so many of you! And it’s my goal to give back as much as I can and to serve this fantastic community with the infrastructure that we’ve got available. 

So with this course “I’m A Composer”, I’m trying to package everything that you need. Everything that you’d learn in a music school… but I want it to costs 5x less than traditional film music courses, with 5x the value!

3) How did we create this course

We’ve been creating content since 2016. Some times the content is good. There are other times when you really nail it and you come up with something that’s brilliant! 

This course is a compendium of the best of the best, plus new content. 

Some of the content is new. Some of the content comes from other courses. Some of these courses have never been offered to the public. 

4) This is far from done

We’ve got big goals for this course. This is a first version (or maybe when you join, this is not the first version). But we’ll continue to add content. We’re here to listen to you and to improve this even more. 

So if you find a topic or a module with a Comming Soon level, that means that it’s new content that we’re working on!

That’s all from me! 

Welcome on board, one-percenter. Welcome on board, Cinematic Composer. Welcome on board, my friend!

Let’s write great music!
Marc Jovani