Congratulations! You’re now part of the Cinematic Composing community. Welcome to the Symphonic Virtual Orchestration course!

First steps

First, I’m gonna ask you to fill the Form. That will give us a chance to get to know you better and offering better, more personalized help when you contact us. Print it to PDF and send it to alicia@cinematiccomposing.com.

Also, I encourage you to join the Facebook group we’ve got with this course edition’s participants and those from past editions. This group is a discussion area for you, your fellow classmates, and your instructor. Post any questions, comments, or other relevant information about the course here. It is the best way to start networking and collaborating straight away!

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Sometimes the link to the Facebook group doesn't work. Not to worry! Follow these steps

  1. Add Marc as friend on Facebook
  2. Message him and ask him to manually add you to the group.

Do you have any question?

Contact us at alicia@cinematiccomposing.com if you’ve got any question about the lessons or having any issue with the dashboard.