Exciting news about your Symphonic Virtual Orchestration course enrollment

Congratulations on your enrollment in the Symphonic Virtual Orchestration course! You're stepping up in a way that so few do — by not procrastinating and by taking action to ensure your career as a composer thrives! 

To welcome you to the course... 

...we're giving you ACCESS TO ALL THE EXCLUSIVE LIVE CLASSES from this course! Also you will be able to join via Facebook Live to Chats from other courses such as Orchestration 1, etc.

Please, read below to learn how to unlock the live classes.


First, I need you to understand that you didn't get "just a regular online course".

This is NOT a regular self-contained online course. This is a full-on training system that includes not just the course contents, but also teachers to give you support, assignments that get reviewed (if you got the assignments option), and weekly live group classes where you can interact with your teacher and classmates.

Also, once in a while we do live masterclasses. The last ones we had were with Christopher Young (Spiderman), and Blake Neely (Super Girl, Arrow). These are live masterclasses where you'll have a chance to speak directly to them and ask questions!

Isn't that cool!?

Because you joined the SVO course you have access to these masterclasses for free as well to all other live classes from all our courses!

That means that – while you don't have access to other course's content – when each teacher goes live every week to give a live class, you can join and participate (aka asking questions).

You can think of this course more like College class, except that you don't need to show up to class on one specific day and time. 

We do things differently here. Our courses are designed so you can go at your own pace. You can choose when you want to consume the content, when to do the assignments, and when to show up to class. Your teachers will always be there to give you support or review the assignments. You can show up to the live classes or you can watch the replay later.


The way you unlock the live classes and masterclasses is simply by showing up, by leaning in, by participating, by taking action.

TO BE CLEAR: I need you to TAKE ACTION. I need you to GO ALL IN!

While the course (the contents) is pivotal to this training, it's the live classes, the support teachers, and the community of composers what will make you get the most out it and advance faster.

So these are the steps you wanna take right now:

  • First, go ahead and bookmark the live classes CALENDAR so you can come back at any time and check out upcoming chats.
  • Then, find out when's the next class.
  • Set an alarm in your phone and block one hour of your time that day

Find Out When Is The Next Live Class

All set? 

Cool! Because we've got more!

The next thing you wanna do is joining the Cinematic Composing Private Group. 

This is a closed group just for students and teachers. It's a safe place, with encouraging like-minded people so don't be afraid to ask if you get stuck.

Note: If you got Assignment Revisions with your course, don't post the assignments in the group. Post them inside the course and the teacher will review and grade your assignment. The revision will consist of a video where you can see your teacher giving you feedback about your assignment.

Use the Private Facebook Group for general questions that are not specifically related to your assignment.

The live classes and masterclasses are streamed in the Facebook Group as well. More about how to join the live classes below.

Join The Private Facebook Group


Alright, plain and simple. The course has 4 parts.

  1. The Course Contents
  2. The Facebook Group
  3. The Assignments (plus revisions)
  4. The Weekly Live Video Chats (group coaching sessions)

Contents: you can navigate through the contents of the course using the left column of this page.

Facebook Group: you can find the group here. Please join the group if you haven’t already.

Assignments: at the end of each module there’s an assignment. Follow instructions and upload your assignment. Your teacher will review the assignment within a week. If you haven't got assignment revisions and you want to unlock them, you can unlock them here.

Weekly Live Video Chats (group coaching calls - live classes): each week there’s a live chat. Find the schedule here. The link to join the chat gets posted in the Cinematic Composing general group. 

We'd like to know you a little bit better. Please, fill this form before getting started. You don't need to answer all the questions, but the more info we get from you the better support we'll be able to give you.

Fill The Form

Ok, with that, you should have all you need. I’m gonna develop each point in more detail below in a FAQ fashion in case you’ve got the time to read and wanna dig deeper.

Hint: if you read until the end you'll learn how to get your favorite sample libraries and plugins up to 50% off!

If you’ve got any further question, please contact us at alicia@cinematiccomposing.com and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

Let’s write great music!

Marc Jovani