Weekly Live Video Chats - Group Coaching Calls

When are the weekly live video chats (live classes - coaching calls)?

You can find the chat times in the Weekly Chat Calendar. You'll see the schedule for all Upcoming chats through the end of February.

We update the it each month. Events are shown in time zone: Pacific Time - LA

You can find the calendar in the general Cinematic Composing Facebook Group.

Or you can access the calendar directly here.

Where are the weekly live video chats (coaching calls) taking place? 

They take place in different places.

The chats and this community are one of the greatest values of CC - or at least we think so! ;) We’re constantly testing better ways to share new and updated content with you live on a weekly basis. 

There are two options (we use both)

  1. Video Chat - we can see each other and we can interact with no latency.
  2. Live Stream - you see the teacher. You can write in the chat.

In general, we prefer the "real" live chat experience, where we can see each other and talk, rather than the live stream type of thing, where you see the teacher going live. You can write and the teacher will get back to you, but it's not the same type of experience. 

The streams (FB, Twitch, etc) offer the most solid experience and best audio/video quality. 

Video chat, on the other hand, is a little bit more complicated technically but offers real interaction between students and teacher because we can see each other and there is no latency. So you can ask and the teacher will get back to you right away.

Some people like the live stream option because the audio is better than the live chat. Another good thing of the format is that, even though there’s "less" human interaction, that can sometimes make a more to-the-point type of chat. The downside is that there’s less interaction.

The Live Streams pretty much feel like a real online class, with content and some room to ask questions, but very focused. For some people, this is the best format because it is good for the ones who attend and the ones who watch the replay, plus you can ask questions even after the stream has ended

So, depending on the topic the teacher will decide if the chat will be a Live Stream, or a Video Chat. 

If it’s a Live Stream, the teacher will let you know at what time they’ll be live in the Facebook group.

If it’s a Video Chat, the teacher will send you a link for you to join.

Some times, the teacher combines both options so you can decide to watch the Stream or to join the Chat. The stream will give you better audio quality, while the Chat will give you the ability to interact with your teacher and the rest of the students.  

Stay tuned in the Facebook group and your inbox for instructions each week.

Where are my chats stored?

You can find your chats under the “Chat Sessions” section.