Fantasy - Harmony


  • Mostly triadic in nature
  • Dissonances are occasional and desired but to be handled wisely. 
  • Chromaticism, sequence of diminished chords
  • Often plays with the illusion of poly-tonality by sequencing two or more chords pertaining to the same scale.    For Example:     Cm~D     G~A     Am~Fm     Em~C~F#   

In the excerpt from Hellboy II, we found ourselves wandering between many minor chords.  Mainly two sequences emerge:   [Bbm - Am - F#m]        and         [Ebm - F#m - Gm].  Even though we have the impression to switch between keys as each chord changes, the sequences actually belong to the same Double Harmonic Minor scale. Danny Elfman has skillfully weaved each phrase with each other, even inserting a third chromatic sequence in between, leaving us with a feeling of a never-ending fall.