Marco Beltrami's "I Robot" - 6M2 Spiderbot (measures 70-96)

High-Intensity Action:
John Powell's "Bourne Ultimatum" - 5M16 Tangier Bike Race (measures 71-78)

Action Hero:
James Horner's "The Amazing Spiderman" - 1M1 Main Title/Young Peter (measures 13-20)

Action Villain:
Alan Silvestri's "The Mummy Returns" - 1M1 Main Title (measures 1-41)

Action Adventure:
John Barry's "Dances With Wolves" - Journey To Fort Sedgewick (measures 19-40)


Danny Elfman's "Hellboy II" - 3M2 Teleplasty (measures 19-31)

Paul Dukas' "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" (measures 71-78) - Used in movies such as Walt Disney's Fantasia (1999), The Sorcerer's Apprentice (2010), etc.

Suspense and Horror

John Williams' "Minority Report" - 4M1 The Greenhouse Scene (measures 18-36)

Marco Beltrami's "The Omen" - 6M4 Altar of Sacrifice (measures 29-37)


John Powell's "Chicken Run" - 5M36 Make a Crate (measures 14-45)

Mood Drama

John Powell's "X-men" - 3M16 Sex with Jean (measures 1-29)

James Newton Howard's "Snow White and The Huntsman" -  Sanctuary (measures 1-16 / 23-30)

John William's "Schindler's List" - I Could Have Saved More (measures 1-16)