Welcome to the "Film Music Cliches - List Of Styles"

In this course, we'll explore a number of examples that will help us define the main functions of a musical piece when it has to relate to a movie sequence. The art of film scoring have been developed by thousands of great composers over the past 100 years. We can clearly attribute different style of writing to different type of movie sequences. We decided to divide this presentation in five sections that will define five categories or styles of Film music:

  • Action music
  • Fantasy music
  • Suspense and Horror music
  • Comedy music
  • Mood and Drama music

Those categories are broad and may include some sub-genres. They will nonetheless be useful for us because they clarify the different functions that the musical support will need to fulfill in order to be effective in that context. If done properly, the music will then help translate to the audience  what the characters are experiencing on the screen.

To support our presentation we have picked thirteen examples from actual well-known movies. The scores have been reduced and will be printed in an easy to read format:

  • Melody
  • Counter-melody
  • Accompaniment
  • Background textures

In addition we have added the chord progressions and specified the actual instrumentation for each musical phrases so one can easily identify the different textures while listening to the excerpts.

Finally we inserted commentaries and explanations to illustrate the techniques composers are using to achieve the various musical impressions we'll experience as a listener.

We hope you'll enjoy this course and will find it helpful for your own craft building. So without further delay let's start our journey through the Film Music Cliches!