In Russia Phone Dials - Melody

  • Minor mode
  • Altered degrees and chromatic guide tone
  • Use silence and spaces

1- Use of Space And Guide Tone


The first section starts without any melody. A lot of silence and space is created.

When the theme enters, the long notes are being doubled by the fluttered/tremolo flutes, emphasizing a chromatic guide tone. 


2- A Simple But Smart Motif


The main theme is built around a very simple one bar motif.  The smart feature is that it outlines the chords with a starting arpeggio. This allows the music to rely on a very minimalistic setting - in our case just a bass and a melody. 


Ultimately, this melody is defined by these two features:  

  • A chromatic guide tone  
  • An opening arpeggio functioning as a slowed down doubled appoggiatura

If you’d play either the one bar motif alone or the guide tone by itself, an audience would recognize it as the original theme from Mission Impossible. The combination of both elements makes for a very strong recognizable and hooky theme. 

3- Refers Back To The Original Themes


The most prominent feature of this cue is how much material from the original music is being re-used. This is particularly fitting because the scene itself refers back to one of the signature moment of the original franchise:  

        . A pre-recorded message outlines an impossible covert mission

        . No safety net will be provided if the mission is accepted

        . The message and its playing device self-destruct

That’s drama in a nutshell.

Here are the main themes that the composer utilized from two different tracks. Notice the modifications.