Symphonic Virtual Orchestration Lite


Confidently produce professional sounding orchestral midi mockups.

Become efficient at composing. Imagine musical ideas and produce them quickly with samples, without the overwhelming, paralyzing, “what-sample-should-I-load-for-this-to-sound-realistic?” feeling…  even if you’re starting from scratch.

Learn the synthestration techniques that will make your samples sound like the real orchestra. 

Set up your perfect orchestral template, that will make you stay in the creative flow and be efficient at producing orchestral mockups.

The system behind this course has been perfected over the last 11 years.

You’ll learn specific steps and exact professional techniques, such as how to pick the right patches and how to set up the right template for you.

You’ll not only know what you’re doing, but you’ll also know exactly HOW to do it. This is your practical guide.

This course does not include the mixing and mastering modules that are included in the Symphonic Virtual Orchestration course, versions Basic, Pro, Expert.
This course does not include assignment revisions.

30 days money back guarantee.

What you will you learn

  • You’ll become an expert at the fundamentals of synthestration, and will learn how to make your mockups sound outstanding.
  • You’ll discover the power of effective templates. You’ll learn about big vs. modular templates and will build your own template, which will almost guarantee you the best results right from the start. 
  • You’ll discover the Go-To synthestration techniques (also referred to as arranging for samples), and how these techniques differ from traditional orchestration. You’ll save tons of time and boost your production abilities, making your orchestral music sound stellar.
  • How to optimize workflow through effective template management and organization
  • Setting up and building different size templates from small ensemble to big Hollywood sounds 
  • Effectively utilizing computer processing ability through optimized sample routing

These techniques apply across the board, no matter what sequencer or sample libraries you’re using. 

What will you find inside


    • Symphonic Virtual Orchestration Lite

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      This version includes
      • - Welcome
        - Synthestration. Tactics for a good sound
        - Using Templates to Boost Productivity
        - Part 1: Arranging for Samples, Techniques Compilation
        - Part 2: Arranging for Samples, Techniques Compilation
        - Composing Workflow: Efficiency
        - Bonus #1: Class A Composers' Systems, Explained

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If you're not satisfied with the courses, get in touch within 30 days and we'll give you a full refund.*

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How long will it take me to get through the course?

Week one starts with module one. Every week opens a new module. The course takes 8-10 weeks if you’re doing one week per module.

Can I get behind? Do I have to follow the course’s pace or can I go my own?

You can take as long as you want to complete the course. You can go at your own pace or follow the course’s schedule of approximately 8-10 weeks. Whatever you choose, the materials are always there and you can submit the assignments whenever you want. They will always get reviewed, no matter how late you submit them.

The course materials do not expire and you’ll have access to them for life, including future course updates and improvements!

How long will I have access to the course materials?

You’ll have access to the course materials for life, as well as to the Facebook group AND the weekly chats included in you course. You can join any weekly chat that you want, even if your course has finished. And the chat sessions are recorded, so you can watch them at any time.

I have a busy life. Will I have the time to do this?

You can’t get behind in this course. Even though we go through a new module every week, it’s there for you whenever you’re ready and is accessible on any mobile device.

How much time per week is necessary if I want to follow your schedule?

It depends on the week. Some weeks you’ll be done in 50 minutes, some weeks you’ll have to spend some hours.

Also, if you decide to do the assignments (which we encourage since it’s the best way to learn), then it’s going to take a bit longer since you’ll be producing an orchestral cue that will be reviewed.

But if you’re late submitting an assignment, that’s ok. Your teacher will always review the assignments, no matter when you submit them, even if you’re done sometime after the course closes. This course is designed to accommodate your personal and professional life, allowing you to use the course materials and do the assignments when you can while allowing you to keep the course materials forever.

I cannot read music and have never taken orchestration classes or anything like that. I have learned everything by ear. Will I still be able to successfully complete the course?

Honestly, we have lots of fun and engaging conversations with students who don’t have formal training. Sometimes, when you’ve got a lot of training you can develop complexes or insecurities about what is right or wrong, what you should or shouldn’t do when composing, and so forth.

If you’re one of those with little or no traditional formal training, you’ll still gain loads of practical, useful information and experience in this course. We’d love to have you on board!

Do you have a refund policy?

Yes. We are giving you a full 30 DAYS to go through the training, do the assignments, implement what you learn, and watch your production skills begin to grow.

If you reach out within 30 days to show us that you’ve kept up with all the work (you have to show us proof!*), and for some reason still haven’t seen any progress, then we’ll be happy to return the investment.

*Conditions apply. Please read Terms and conditions.