I struggled when I switched from using a SCORE EDITOR to using a SEQUENCER for composing.

The pros of a SCORE EDITOR are that you can see the notes and the different musical layers. The cons are that it's not gonna sound like the real orchestra. You don't have as much control over the sound.

On the other hand, the SEQUENCER gives you more tools to manipulate sound. Plus it's much better at loading big sample libraries and big orchestral templates. The problem is that it's harder to see what's going on musically.

And even if you're able to come up with complex musical textures, it's easy to lose control as you start orchestrating and the session gets big.

How do you compose complex musical ideas fast, while keeping inspiration and momentum going?

Organization is key. and it starts at the sketch level!

Watch the video to see how I compose a complex orchestral sketch and how I deal with complex orchestral textures with multiple layers.

Thanks for watching!

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