Winners for the Cinematic Composing Studio Contest

First of all, we want to thank all of our students for their contribution to the Cinematic Composing Studio Contest. We know how hard it is to produce a video: thinking what you are going to say and show, recording several takes, edit, edit, edit...! (not to mention what it means to not English native speakers!)

So, without further ado, the three winners:

1st prize - Alex Busto

Soundcloud Selection:

Contact details:

2nd prize - Michael Costantini

Soundcloud Selection:
Contact details:

3rd prize - Carlos Vallejo

Soundcloud Selection:
Contact details:

Finalists (in high-to-low score order)

Tom Rhea 
Luigi Giraldo 
Marco Randria 
Matthew Fisher  
Daniel Nahoa Ani 
Joe Peters

But let's be honest, there is so much wisdom that we can benefit from not only the winners but also from the finalists of this contest, so in order to have everybody benefit also from all the wisdom poured in these videos, we made a compilation of the best moments out of the 9 finalists' videos.

Hope you all enjoy!

PS: if you wonder where those little snippets got extracted from, check the complete list of the finalists' videos here.

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