About us
Cinematic Composing is an online school for composers and musicians who want to dive in the film music world.
We are a team of committed and experienced people focused on providing our students with the best knowledge and learning tools. We've worked hard and will continue to do so to make sure that every content of the courses is produced to the highest standards and meets our students' expectations on every aspect.

Cinematic Composing is created by Marc Jovani a film composer based in Los Angeles who is actively working in the industry. For more than 10 years he has been composing for films, TV Shows and video games. Now he wants to share all his knowledge and experience with our students.

Our vision is to help other musicians and composers to enter the professional world with all the skills they need to successfully accomplish their goals in the film industry.
Marc Jovani
CEO, Instructor
Alicia Prades
CMO, Student Support
Ángel D. Sevilla
 Full Stack Web Developer
Miguel Bezanilla
Composer, Orchestrator
Christopher Young
Bobby Fernández
Mixing Engineer
Special Thanks
Bernabé Salvador (Video Subtitles)
Jose Javier Delgado (Video Subtitles)
Peter Hodge (Proofreading, Content Curation)
David Stevenson (Proofreading, Content Curation)
Matthew L. Fisher (Proofreading)
John Mears (Proofreading)
Thomas Rhea (Proofreading)
Bernie Anderson (Proofreading)
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